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SportyCamps operates Summer and Holiday Camps for 6 to 14 yr old boys and girls.
Rugby, Dance, Hockey and Netball holiday camps are all available during 2011.
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SportyCamps provides quality holiday sports camp experiences for 6 to 14 yr olds
We provide a safe environment in which all participants can have fun
Participants improve and learn new skills
Our experienced coaches are skilled and highly motivated
SportyCamps has a well organised and structured camp program
Camps for 2011 - Rugby - Dance - Hockey - Netball
Other important reasons why you should choose a SportyCamp for your children include:-
Every participant receives a Gift Pack - which includes a selection of items relevant to the camp activities
Each participant is issued with a Skills Passport, which is a record of their progress and achievements
Free Gift Pack for Rugby Camp Participants
We also present certificates to every player at the awards ceremony at the conclusion of each Camp
SportyCamps run on weekdays, and can be mornings or afternoons only for 3 to 5 days, depending upon the activity
                 R E A C H

At SportyCamps we recognise the unique power of sport to instil in 
youth the 
core values that help then REACH their full potential in 

5 core REACH values are integrated into all our activities. 
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